Learn about heritage breeds and cuts of meat with Heritage Foods USA's Mail Order Director, Catherine Greeley. This week on Snacky Tunes, Greg Bresnitz invites Catherine in the studio to talk shop- butcher shop! Why did Cathering get involved in the sustainable meat business? Find out what animals and cuts Heritage Foods USA offers via mail order. What seasonal options are offered? Learn about Heritage Foods USA's half-lamb and eighth-cattle programs! Later, Pictureplane comes by to play some of his favorite tunes. Hear about the differences between the Denver and New York City music scenes. Listen to Pictureplane talk about the importance of local culture in the DIY music. Hear Greg and Pictureplane's thoughts on the Black Flag reunion! This episode has been brought to you by Fairway Market.

"We work with all of these different breeds, and the slaughterhouses keep the breeds separate for us. So you could get ribs from a Duroc, Berkshire, or Red Wattle." [10:30] -- Catherine Greeley on Snacky Tunes