It's a packed house on Snacky Tunes - we've got Hot Bread Kitchen's artisanal bread operation, Portland's Lincoln Restaurant & Amrit Singh from Stereogum all in the studio together at the same time! Tune in for an episode full of content and insights - hear about Hot Bread Kitchen's mission to empower immigrants and women bakers, learn what it's like running a restaurant in Portland and hear some of the best new tracks from Amrit's collection in anticipation of SXSW. There's no fuller 60 minutes of food and music on the airwave - stay current on this week's episode of Snacky Tunes! This program was sponsored by Tekserve.

"We are a non-profit bakery that provides job training and business incubation for immigrant women and minority food entrepreneurs." [7:44]

"Women are the world's bakers and cooks and often they come to America are are delegated to cooking in somebody's home. Our founder realized there's a huge demand for ethnic and artisan products." [11:30]

--Molly Crossin, Communications & Development Director of Hot Bread Kitchen on Snacky Tunes

"In Portland, you're 20 minutes from the country. Our farms are that close." [24:00]

--Jenn Louis of Lincoln Restaurant on Snacky Tunes