Greg and Darin celebrate the 150th episode of Snacky Tunes today! Tune into this episode to hear from Scott DeSimon and Justin Chearno of Pitchblende and Turing Machine. Hear the two talk about independent rock in the 1990s, touring, and eating on the road. Find out how Pitchblende used to book their tours, and how they were able to tour while having jobs in New York City with Turing Machine. Learn what NYC neighborhoods had the cheapest eats in the mid-90s, and how Williamsburg has evolved since that time. Hear rise of dance rock in the early aughts, and how music collecting has changed in the Internet era. Find out how both Scott and Justin eventually got jobs in the New York City food world! This episode has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"In the early 90s, the independent scene wasn't very commercial. If we wanted to go on tour in October, I'd start calling people in August." [10:10]

"The idea of eating at a restaurant in the 90s with two numbers in the price was out." [37:00]

-- Justin Chearno on Snacky Tunes

"It was the indie rock time. That was right around the time that everybody figured out that you could put out your own music." [8:00]

-- Scott DeSimon on Snacky Tunes