We've got a packed house on this week's episode of Snacky Tunes! Greg and Darin Bresnitz welcome Claire Moyle of the Brooklyn Brewery into the studio to talk about this year's Brooklyn, Sweden! Why are Swedes so in love with Brooklyn Brewery? Later, Mike Pace stops by to talk about his podcast, "Worst Gig Ever", and how it aims to share musicians' stories and humanize them. When band tensions get high, "Worst Gig Ever" delivers! Curses comes by to talk about putting down the guitar, leaving the mosh pits behind, and paying tribute to Chicago house. Why does Curses prefer using analog gear? Finally, hear a beautiful in-studio performance from Xenia Rubinos! Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve.

"Anyone who has toured in any capacity realizes the stress you are under, and being in such close proximity with other people, you find out that people need to let off some steam." [22:20]

-- Mike Pace on Snacky Tunes