Today's episode of Snacky Tunes features a packed house, as Darin Bresnitz facilitates another awesome discussion of food and music. Allen Salkin stops by to talk about his highly anticipated book, From Scratch. Hear how Allen documented the rise of The Food Network from its infancy to its media domination. Learn about some of the juicy gossip from behind the scenes of your favorite Food Network programs, and how other networks' food programming changed the game of food television. Eli Cairo of Olympic Provisions in Portland, Oregon drops in to talk about his long history in the food world, and how his time in Switzerland inspired his love for charcuterie. Find out how Eli brought European traditions to Portland, and why he's so obsessed with meat science. Later, Ducky joins the cast to talk about her upcoming singles packages, and her debut LP. Find out why Ducky has spent the past few weeks coding, and why she prefers Ruby to other programming languages. Thanks to our sponsor, MOOD Magazine.

"Rachael Ray is the Babe Ruth of food television." [11:30]

"You gotta show up. You have to put your ass in the way of people to get material." [17:20]

-- Allen Salkin on Snacky Tunes