Jeff Bailey has dropped the bass (guitar) and brought Texas-style breakfast to Williamsburg via Whirlybird. Tune into this week's Snacky Tunes to hear Jeff chat with Darin Bresnitz about his involvement with Williamsburg music staples like Glasslands, Phosphorescent, and Virgin Forest! Why did Jeff dive into the restaurant business? Heat what ingredients Jeff uses in his tacos, and how Whirlybird became a smashing success and a neighborhood favorite. Later, Adrianne Lenker joins the program and plays a few of her songs live in the studio. Adrianne describes her favorite controversial sandwich! Adrianne talks about her musical childhood, and her job at Whirlybird. Coincidence? You decide! Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve.

"Bread is wrong... Tortillas are basically edible napkins... I love them because you can buy a bunch of them and they last for a long time before they go bad." [15:00]

"Some of the best music can be made on the verge of throwing up!" [48:15]

-- Jeff Bailey on Snacky Tunes