This week on Snacky Tunes Greg and Darin welcome Steve Rogenstein, Founder of theARTcorps and Co-Producer of the NYC Honey Week. Right off the bat, the guys talk to Steve (a native New Yorker) about the yesteryear of NYC, and delve into his background and how he founded theARTcorps in 2003. Steve recently turned his attention to the NYC Honey Week, a citywide festival celebrating the honeybee. Honey Week 2014 merges the educational, the entertaining, and the delicious. From beekeeping workshops to honey-themed dinners, apiary tours, honey tastings, and honey-infused drink specials, the festival flits from neighborhood to neighborhood in NYC. Check it out from September 8-14 throughout the city. In the second half of the show, the guys welcome the band Motion Studies in for maybe one of the biggest live setups in Snacky Tunes history. Talking to the seven-piece band about their background and general band life, tune in for some great live music from Motion Studies! This program was brought to you by Rolling Press.