This week on Snacky Tunes, hosts Greg and Darin Bresnitz welcome Tommy Gallagher (Wholesale Technical Services NY) and Jesse Kahn (Regional Wholesale Sales NY) from Counter Culture Coffee. Talking about how Counter Culture Coffee came to be as well as their dedication to finding and bringing to market the most exciting and delicious coffees in the world, Tommy and Jesse school Greg and Darin on good coffee do's and don'ts, plus where they grab a cup of joe when they're out in New York City. The coffee experts also share what sets Counter Culture Coffee a part from any other bean on the market and why they love working in the coffee biz. In the second half of the show, the guys welcome musical guest Oh Land to the studio. She tells her background growing up and shares that initially she wasn't into music, though she comes from a very musical family. After a few live songs, Oh Land tells the guys of her love of cooking and delves into her favorite foods to make at home plus what's on her radar for the upcoming year. This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley.


"Coffee shops get to be the single issues voters of the food and beverage world."

"We do a really good job of being more than just a vendor of a product."

--Jesse Kahn on Snacky Tunes

"When I tour, like most musicians, I eat out all the time and once you get you home I just love spending hours and hours in the kitchen."

--Oh Land on Snacky Tunes