This week on a brand new episode of Snacky Tunes, solo host Greg Bresnitz welcomes guest Sarah Simmons, chef and founder of Birds & Bubbles in NYC. Talking about opening the new restaurant as well as the interesting menu featuring an elevated take on dishes traditionally reserved for special occasions or Sunday Supper (a Southerners most important meal of the week) and a wine list with a large selection of champagnes and sparkling wines, Sarah laments saying goodbye to spring vegetables and what to expect for the summer. Sarah also shares the amazing tale of serving for none other than Oprah herself! Musical guest Briana Marela rounds out the second half of the show talking about coming up in the Pacific Northwest and how the area shaped her sound. Having formative roots in Seattle and Olympia, WA her aesthetic sensibility derives from many other kindred spirits of the local music scene, but with her own unique vision of the world around her. Tune in as Briana weaves together melodies with meaning and lyrics filled with longing the she worked on with producer Alex Somers in Reykjavik, Iceland due out soon on Jagjaguwar. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.