This week on Snacky Tunes, hosts Greg Bresnitz and Darin Bresnitz are celebrating the summer weather welcoming Chef Marcus Samuelsson to the studio. Talking about his mission to rebuild and highlight the Harlem community with the help of his restaurant Red Rooster Harlem, Marcus shares how he stays true to the neighborhood as well as the importance of music at the restaurant. His newest venture, Streetbird Rotisserie, recently opened, drawing inspiration from Harlem's diner culture, globally influenced street food, neighborhood cookouts and 1970's hip hop. He also divulges some great details on his restaurants in Sweden, including how the menu focus differs from his American restaurants plus the scoop on his new kids cookbook. In the second half of the show, the guys welcome musical guest Pree to the show, hailing from D.C. Talking about the live music scene, Philadelphia roots, music venues, and inspiration for their new record, "Rima", tune in as the group "creates a unique sonic realm through their colorful and shape-shifting pop gems." This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

"I think we start to see communities first through the restaurants now, maybe the 80's it was clubs, but now we start seeing them through restaurants." [4:54]

"I remember a real community level measurement for success for me was when the West African guy started to set up and sold fake Obama shirts [outside Red Rooster Harlem].... when you're off the traditional grid, you can't look for the traditional measurements for success because there are none." [6:39]

"We couldn't do Rooster without music, it's such a core part of our identity." [11:43]

--Marcus Samuelsson on Snacky Tunes