The Rare Hare Barn was founded from Eric’s own desire to have more control over and input in his family’s food. The idea caught on. Before long, they were supplying fresh heritage breed rabbit fryers to some of the best restaurants in the Midwest, and coast to coast.

Currently they raise American Blue and White, American Chinchilla, Blanc d’Hotot, Silver Fox and Crème d’Argente rabbits.
Today’s show focuses on the American Chinchilla and what it really takes to be a rabbit farmer. The American Chinchilla was once a mainstay of the rabbit industry, but now is the most rare of all the heritage breeds. They are superior and consistent producers.

Contact Eric & Callene Rapp to learn more. or, Tufted Toulouse). We also hatch French Pearl Guineas, Eastern Wild Turkeys and Ringneck Pheasants.