The Chefs Council is hereby called to order! We've asked a few past guests who were especially fun/funny/insightful to be a part of a recurring roundtable and three of them--Dirt Candy's Amanda Cohen, Sous Chef author Mike Gibney, and The Finch's Gabe McMackin--join us for the inaugural gathering, an all-shop-talk episode on the subject of Spring Fever! We kick around the season that inspires more chefs than any other and explore why so many cooks and diners love it so. And we extend spring's spirit of renewal and reinvigoration with a discussion of our guests' favorite new ingredients and get them to share their travel and exploration plans for the coming months. Pour yourself a glass of rose and listen in.

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"If you hold yourself religiously to being local, you limit your ability to relate to your guests." [18:40] – Gabe McMackin