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WORD OF MOUTH is live from across the Atlantic this week as Leiti is on the line from Berlin chatting with Erin Fairbanks in studio with Steven Satterfield of Miller Union in Atlanta and author of Root to Leaf.  Steven believes in making the most out of the edible parts of the plant, from root to leaf and embodies an authentic approach to farmstead-inspired cooking, incorporating seasonal fresh produce into everyday cuisine. He goes on to share the personal trials and tribulations going on throughout the process of writing the book, and that since he's been inspired to change the food system in his lifetime. Tune in for more from Steven, his coming up through the industry as well as what's next for him!

"I hate the term 'farm to table.'  We call it seasonal cooking." [13:30]

"Vegetables can be delicious. They don't have to be cooked to death... theres' a new style of cooking responding to the fresh harvest." [15:30]

--Steven Satterfield on WORD OF MOUTH