Askinosie Chocolate is an 8 person company and does more for ethical sourcing than most. Today's guest is Shawn Askinosie, founder of Askinosie Chocolate out of Springfield, MO. Clay and Shawn met back in 2005 in October in Ecuador and four months later they were in Mexico and Venezuela buying beans. Tune in and learn about some of the incredible initiatives Shawn has started to help sustain cacao farmers, and find out why he thinks charity is not enough. Hear how he grew his small company and what plans he has for the future of Askinoise. This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. For a special discount on Askinosie Chocolate visit their store and use discount code "Heritage".


"My business is not about charity...what we want to do is build something that's sustainable and that's related to the problems so that the people who are impacted by it are working on it themselves in partnership with us. It's not a chairty." [14:30]

"When you're buying something that's the best of it's category in the world for $8-10, it's an affordable luxury!" [25:45]

--Shawn Askinosie of Askinosie Chocolate on Straight From the Source