Today on Straight From the Source host Clay Gordon is joined by Texas chocolate maker Scott Moore of Tejas Chocolate. Scott was inspired to start the only bean-to-bar operation in Texas and has been honing his craft ever since. Scott talks about his experiences sourcing local cacao and the origins of these flavorful beans. He discusses the unique method in which these true Texans fire roast their cacao in an opennpit with reclaimed fire brick and charcoal. Tejas chocolate is paving the way for the local chocolate market so tune in and hear about their fire roasted chocolates and what's in store for the future! This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


"Whether your roasting, refining, grinding or whatever it is, it's more of a hands on learning process. We learn something from every batch that we do." 08:00

"I have to give credit to the American craft chocolate market. Access to premium cacao is much more accessible today." 10:00

--Scott Moore of Tejas Chocolate on Straight from the Source