Do you know what you're looking at when you read a chocolate label? Clay Gordon is here to help on this week's episode of Straight From the Source. Clay explores ingredients, regulations and standards as they relate to chocolate and breaks down all the fine print on a chocolate bar label. What do percentages mean? What are the differences between dark, light, white and milk chocolate? Find the tools you need to be a more educated chocolate consumer on Straight From the Source. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.



"Chocolate labels are all regulated by the US Government." [02:02]

"It's amazing that more chocolate doesn't use salt as an ingredient." [05:30]

"People often confuse percentage of cocoa with quality. There is no direct correlation between the two - none whatsoever." [10:15]

"The issue with vegan chocolate is the sugar that's used to make the chocolate." [12:00]

--Clay Gordon on Straight, From the Source