This week on Straight From the Source, Clay Gordon introduces his "Pyramid" chocolate tasting technique with guest Erin Fairbanks, Executive Director of Tune in for a special on-air tasting where Clay gives listeners tips on developing a vocabulary for taste and articulating aromas and flavors while tasting. What's the most effective way of cleansing your palate between tastings? How does your perception change throughout a tasting? Learn everything you need to know to become a better chocolate taster!This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"Back in my Zingerman's days it would be rare to find me without a bar of artisanal chocolate." [2:58]

--Erin Fairbanks, Executive Director of, on Straight from the Source

"Excellent chefs have really developed flavor memories. They have a fabulous memory bank - they can just close their eyes and remember exact flavors." [27:50]

--Clay Gordon on Straight From the Source