This week on Straight from the Source, Clay Gordon discusses the future of chocolate. Listen in as he first gives some historical context for the current market and then looks forward 10 to 20 years to present some possible futures. Find out what makes cocoa so cheap and why there is not currently enough money in the system for sustainable production. Then hear why Clay does not think genetic modification will find its way to wild cocoa and how climate change, new markets and new producers will all have an effect on the future of chocolate. This program was sponsored by Heritage Meat Shop

“The primary reason that cocoa is inexpensive is that the prices paid for it do not reflect the true cost of production.”

“In the future we are not likely to find a quick shift to genetically modified trees and cocoa growing in the wild.”

“Historically the chocolate industry has not been supportive in terms of giving money to ensure sustainable production is in effect.”

–Clay Gordon on Straight from the Source