In this very important and very timely episode of Straight No Chaser host Katy Kieffer talks with farmer Jim Gerritsen who is the President of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, which is currently battling the agriculture giant Monsanto in federal court. Learn how this group of farmers is seeking protection from contamination of their crops by Monsanto transgenic (GMO) seeds by litigating in the very complicated the arena of patent law. Find out what exactly is at stake not only for farmers but also the state of U.S. patent law as a whole when the verdict is handed down. This insightful episode is sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons


"What we're going to the court for is to try and receive court protection from abusive behavior from Monsanto. . should we become contaminated by Monsanto seeds, not only do we suffer harm by the contamination of our crops, but in a perverse situation Monsanto's view is that we possess that technology through that cont episode and we would be liable for patent infringement."

"Part of our argument will be that transgenic agriculture, or commonly known as GMOS, that these lack 'social utility' "

"The expectation of the [organic seed] market is that good quality organic seed is free of GMO content. So if our crops become contaminated by GMO their value becomes extinguished with that contamination and that obviously then threatens our livelihood."

--Jim Gerritsen on Straight, No Chaser