What could be more 'local' than buying produce that was grown at your supermarket? On this week's episode of Straight, No Chaser, Katy Keiffer is talking with Paul Lightfoot, CEO of BrightFarms. BrightFarms designs and builds greenhouses that use hydroponics to grow produce such as tomatoes and leafy greens at supermarket retail locations. Because there is a lack local food to fill the demand, Paul is taking a large-scale approach to create a system to provide healthy, local food at a reasonable price. Hear about how terms like 'locavore' have entered the mainstream lexicon, as well as the importance of creating an avenue for local food in poorer communities. Hear about BrightFarms recent business deal with A&P, and how Paul hopes it will provide healthier food for a larger section of the population. To learn more about BrightFarms, tune into this week's Straight, No Chaser! This episode has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.

"If you put a tomato on a truck starting in Mexico and it bounces all the way to Chicago, that's about the worst thing you can do to a tomato."

"In most supermarkets across the country, 'local' is a hugely successful strategy in the marketing departments, but isn't getting any traction in the produce department." -- Paul Lightfoot on Straight, No Chaser