This week on Straight, No Chaser host Katy Keiffer takes on the crisis of hunger with guest Anthony Butler, Executive Director of St. John's Bread and Life. Learn about how the federal cuts of the Reagan years left many people in a state of food insecurity that still lingers today and how the current Farm Bill is working its way through the Senate and could leave millions of people hungry with looming cuts to the SNAP program. Tune in to find out how, despite these challenges, Anthony and St. John's Bread and Life are helping millions of hungry New Yorkers by integrating technology, such as their innovative digital food pantry, to streamline costs and get more people fed the right food. This program is sponsored by Whole Foods Market.


" What's happening right now to SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] is that the Senate is proposing over 10 years to cut over $4.5 billion dollars in SNAP money. 40% of those who are hungry will be affected by that, that's around 800,000 families who will lose $90 a month on groceries. The biggest people who will be hurt are people who are receiving other federal subsidies, so the biggest people who will be hurt are working families and seniors."

"Food stamps supports farmers-- that's the purpose of it! This money goes back into farms. Food stamps also dramatically support local economies. "

--Anthony Butler of St. John's Bread & Life on Straight, No Chaser