Libbie Summers returns to Straight, No Chaser! Libbie is an accomplished writer, culinary producer and stylist for television and print media. She is the author of The Whole Hog Cookbook and a forthcoming baking book called Sweet and Vicious. Tune in to hear Libbie talk with Katy Keiffer about the decline of good food in France, and why Southern cuisine has become so fashionable. Learn more about Libbie's work as a food stylist, and how her styling work informs her everyday life. Libbie and Katy also talk about the upcoming Sweet and Vicious, and how it deviates from the traditional format of baking cookbooks. Hear how food styling has changed since Libbie started working in the industry, and learn what makes a great stylist and designer. This episode has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"I always reference something with food- if it's the color of my dress, or a wallpaper I want to use...I realize that food informs everything creatively in my life." [24:20]

"Forget the look- the look needs to be the client's look." [31:37]

-- Libbie Summers on Straight, No Chaser