This week on Straight, No Chaser, Katy Keiffer is joined in the studio by Christy Robb, the Director of Food Services at St. John's Bread & Life in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Today, Katy and Christy are discussing disaster relief after Hurricane Sandy. Tune into this episode to hear how St. John's Bread & Life has been serving hot meals in affected areas such as Coney Island and The Rockaways since the storm hit the city. Hear about the differences in services provided by large organizations like the American Red Cross, and smaller community organizations like Occupy Sandy. Is New York City prepared for another major storm? Hear Katy and Christy weigh in on what measures need to be taken to prevent a crisis in the case of another disaster. Preparedness is key; tune into Straight, No Chaser and learn what you can do to help the victims of the storm, and how to be prepared for the next one! This episode has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.

"Now is the time to figure out next time... we need lights, water, sanitation... How many port-a-potties are in New York? How hard would it be to put those out in areas that don't have flushing water?" [18:15]

-- Christy Robb on Straight, No Chaser