Today on Straight, No Chaser, Katy Keiffer is joined in the studio by Lily Kelly. Lily Kelly is the Interim Director for Global Green USA's New York Office and the Coalition for Resource Recovery. Prior to joining Global Green USA, she contributed to various environmental and social stewardship projects with both for- and non-profit agencies, including the Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, the Majora Carter Group, and The Earth Institute. Tune into this episode to learn about greenhouse gas that occurs in landfills, and how recycling reduces greenhouse gases. Listen in to hear Lily talk about her work with wholesale retail packaging. How does Global Green USA affect corporations and legislature for environmental good? Find out on this week's episode of Straight, No Chaser! This program has been brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"Methane is a 25-27 times more potent greenhouse gas than CO2." [5:00]

"How can we maximize the infrastructure we have, the technology we have...and recover more of it [consumer waste] now?" [13:35]

-- Lily Kelly on Straight, No Chaser