Michael Dimin is in the business of sustainable seafood. On this week's installment of Straight, No Chaser, Michael joins Katy Keiffer in studio to talk about the organization he co-founded, Sea2Table. Tune in to learn about the cod catch share in New England, and how recent restrictions are making some fisherman shake in their galoshes. Hear Michael and Katy talk about the history of fishing in New England, and why it's not just a livelihood, but a culture. Learn why fisherman are in favor of traceable supply chains, and find out some surprising facts about the Gulf oil spill. How will Sea2Table change the food world? Find out on today's Straight, No Chaser! This episode has been brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"Fisherman love to know where their fish is going to go. Traditionally, fish is a commodity, and they never know where their fish goes." [10:10] -- Michael Dimin on Straight, No Chaser