This week on Food Talk, Mike's guests include Neal Bermas and Sondra Stewart, the Founder and Co-Founder of STREETS International. STREETS International is a social enterprise initiative based in Hanoi, Vietnam with the purpose to develop and operate sustainable programs for street kids in Southeast Asia. Neal and Sondra talk about the evolution of the program and how it is changing the lives of its students as well as the international food industry. Then, Mike speaks with the Founder of Verity Wine Partners, Chris Desor, who discusses his beginnings in the wine industry as well as his attitude on wines to distribute and how we shouldn't over think the wines we drink.

"No matter how good you are as an executive chef or a sous chef, you need a gang or a crew... and here's where our kids come in." [18:37]

--Neal Bermas on Food Talk

"In America we aren't limited by where we live, the wines that are available to us, especially, in New York, we have all the best wines from around the world at our fingertips to drink." [42:15]

--Chris Desor on Food Talk