Ashley Smith of Lebanon Valley College talks with host Eddie Shumard about how she acts as a student leader for food sustainability and agriculture today. As a member of the Project Eat, she plans on working with various companies to refine the food system at her school's dining hall and promote diversity, which currently supplies food through a buffet style system. Also find out what books are on Ashley's reading list, which include the basic key concepts of food, and an introduction to food studies. Believing that Project Eat will benefit her progress by becoming a leadership position, she plans to continue studying economics and actuarial science to further progress her career. Are you a current student interested in food sustainability, alternative energy resources, or reducing your carbon footprint? Find out how you can do your part today! This program has been sponsored by The International Culinary Center.

"I want to transform our dining hall into an environment that encourages students not only to have a break from their college life, but respect diversity in terms of food." [05:00]

-- Ashley Smith on Summer of Food