Shizue Roche-Adachi is a junior at Yale University majoring in environmental studies with a concentration in food and agriculture. Shizue picked up radio this past fall in a class, quickly finding it to be the perfect medium to tell agricultural stories. This summer, audio recorder in hand, she's working as a farm and ranch hand at the James Ranch in Durango, Colorado. On Part 5 of this week's Chasing Cows & Sustainability, Shizue explains in depth the act of rounding up heifers and steers, and their unfortunate end at the slaughterhouse. At Sunnyside slaughterhouse, each cattle is dealt with one by one, and a respect is given to each animal, to make the whole process as humane as possible. As Shizue notes, knowing where and how your food arrived at your plate is an important aspect to respect, and one should always be aware of.

"These animals are not pets, they were bred to sacrifice themselves, but that does not mean they have to be degraded to being, "just meat"." [08:45]

-- Shizue Roche-Adachi on Summer of Food