Alyssa Viars developed her interest in food and agriculture issues, especially as they relate to policy, nutrition, and the environment, during her studies at American University and the University for Peace working towards an M.A. in Global Environmental Policy. She spent the summer in Philadelphia working for the Food Trust's Healthy Corner Store Initiative. More recently, she began an internship doing Grassroots Organizing for Food Day 2013 at the Center for Science in the Public Interest located in Washington, D.C. Tune into this installment of Summer of Food to hear Eddie Shumard talk with Alyssa about agriculture, nutrition, the environment, and more! This program has been sponsored by The International Culinary Center. Today's break music has been provided by Pamela Royal.

"My summer in Philadelphia was definitely instrumental in educating me who the main players were in the realms of food and agriculture. I found out about a lot of organizations that were doing good work, and I'll take that with me going forward." [19:45]

"A lot of things that are going wrong in the food and agriculture systems are based on economics." [24:30]

-- Alyssa Viars on Summer of Food