On this episode of Summer of Food, Rachel Spencer gives us an inside look at what it means to be a FoodCorps service member. Rachel was a part of the first class of FoodCorps service members, currently she works as a FoodCorps Fellow in Arkansas. She took time from her busy schedule to produce this episode of Summer of Food. The FoodCorps service members in Arkansas give us a glimpse of what is like to spend a year working with children in schools across America educating them about real food and agriculture. These FoodCorps fellows also explain the lessons they have learned through their individual experiences, and how those experiences have influenced their future professional goals.

By working in the school directly with students these FoodCorps service members and student leaders have been able to educate and inform the future eaters in America. By focusing on prevention and not treatment by educating kids about healthy eating, cooking, agriculture, and the actual process of growing food they are teaching kids the importance of real food and the farmers and ranchers that dedicate their lives to feeding us all. Listen to this episode to hear these FoodCorps service members explain what inspired them to get involved in food systems, food education, and join Food Corps in teaching the future eaters of America about "real food".
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"My favorite moments this year were when I exposed a kid to a healthy food." [8:15]

"We are teaching kids to listen to their bodies and respect food... and that's where it's

at because it's prevention, not treatment." [5:15]

"This Food Corps experience has given me the on the ground perspective of the eating

habits of youth in America." [5:50]

-- Food Corps Service Members on Summer of Food