The Summer of Food series continues with the Shifting Gears Gals, who are here to talk to us with their latest episode titled, “Thoughts on a Radish.” Talking with Suzanne Babb, the Capacity Building Coordinator for the National Hunger Clearinghouse, they speak to Suzanne about farming, learning to live within various environments, and the issues that are presented for social change. They also take a visit to City Rising Farms to speak with Elle Adams, who works with the community of Cleveland to bring education, farming, and community to promote urban agriculture. Lastly, the girls talk with Julie Hutchinson of The Root Cafe, and together they observe the layered intersections of food in both her cafe and community today. Keeping a radish as a metaphor to food, people, and community, this episode continues to examine the influence of family and community in our food systems. Don’t forget to follow the Shifting Gears Gals at their website, Shifting Gears bike project. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. Thanks to takstar for this episode’s music.

“I really love the idea of knowing the farmer, knowing their personality – it’s like a big circle.” [10:04]

–Julie Hutchinson on Summer of Food

“The joy and happiness that you see in people are those who surround themselves with community and family.” [15:00]

–Karen Washington on Summer of Food