"This weeks episode is about moments of crises, both personal and climatic."

Shizue talks with a Dustin Stein farmer and Rancher worried about the drought. Dustin is a young agrarian who talks with Shizue about the importance of water in the west, and the challenges of maintaining a profitable and sustainable farm with limited water supplies and a changing climate. Listen as Shizue and the James Ranch staff follow the Colorado wild fires, and pray for rain, hopefully without lightning.

Find out how Ranchers in Colorado deal with limited water supply, unpredictable weather, and a changing climate as they try and survive the long hot summer days and remain a profitable operation. Shizue shares the challenges of protecting natural ecosystems while moving cattle threw pastures, and how ranchers and the national forestry service have to have a close working relationship to maintain a healthy ecosystem and environmentally and economically sustainable ranching industry. Practicing holistic management and protecting the natural ecosystem and keeping ranching alive and profitable.

Listen as Shizue describes learning to ride like a cow girl in just two weeks, as her and the team scramble to move the cattle to deal with the exceedingly dry summer. From the sounds of it she is a natural cowgirl, and maybe the most eloquent ranch hand in cowboy country.