Sarah Bicknell, student at Unity College in Maine, phones in on today's episode of Summer of Food to talk with us about the Veggies for All program, which is a community agriculture project that works to relieve hunger by growing vegetables for those in need, while collaborating with partners to distribute and increase access to quality and nutritious food. Learn how Sarah is heading out of the classroom to work in the fields this summer, and what she believes we all can do to truly impact our food industry. With no past background in farming, Sarah has worked her way up from an apprenticeship at the Youth Garden Project, to learning to appreciate agriculture and work towards sustainability. Also learn about operating on a homestead, and how Sarah is able to experiment with her preserving foods and independently growing her own products. In terms of technology, Sarah constantly believes in the "people connection," which involves working directly with the community to make a difference. Lastly, find out which books are on Sarah's summer reading list, such as the Winter Harvest Manual and others. Thanks to our sponsor, the International Culinary Center. Thanks to Dead Stars for today's music.


"If we had more volunteer work, there could be the theoretical ideal of sustainable agriculture. However, it's not theoretical, it's real." [8:53]

"I soon realized that I could independently support myself by growing my own things." [16:00]

"The point is to get people to eat seasonally and regionally." [29:20]
-- Sarah Bicknell on Summer of Food