What's more fun than volleyball and as entertaining as a great summer read? Why, a podcast interview on the beach, of course. When Andrew met Suzanne Tracht, chef-owner of JAR restaurant, at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market recently, Suzanne suggested they have their conversation on the mostly deserted beach. The two of them comandeered a lifeguard tower and got to it, discussing Suzanne's kosher upbringing in Arizona, her migration to the pro kitchen and to California, the genesis and evolution of her beloved restaurant (now in its 18th year), and how she stays current while also honoring her longtime regulars. Lay down a towel, kick off your flipflops, and join them. Here's a thought: If you like what you hear, please tell your chef-fascinated friends, subscribe to Andrew Talks to Chefs (it's free) on iTunes or Stitcher, follow us on your favorite social media platforms @ChefPodcast, and/or rate or review us on Apple's podcast store. Thanks for listening!

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