The Main Course is new this week with host Alexes McLaughlin in studio with April Wachtel. April Wachtel is a 20 year veteran in the beverage and hospitality industry. She is an entrepreneur, an experienced mixologist, a cocktail and spirits instructor, and owner of Swig + Swallow cocktail batching + delivery service. April worked in every role from busser to bartender to beverage director to brand ambassador to beverage consultant. She has developed recipes for the likes of Lincoln Center Kitchen and MetLife Stadium, and has taught cocktail classes to over 2000 students. Her classes and personal philosophy of hospitality were featured in The Wall Street Journal and on the Sundance Channel. April recently made appearances on The Today Show, Fox & Friends, and The Speakeasy. She still teaches public classes at 5 schools in New York City and Philadelphia. April originally founded Swig + Swallow as a beverage consulting company for spirits brands, then identified cocktail batching and delivery as a means to revolutionize cocktail event production. She transformed Swig + Swallow into a cocktail batching and delivery service in summer of 2015, and partnered with Cocktail Kingdom Logistics in fall of 2015. Tune in for details on Swig + Swallow and more!

"My number one pet peeve... I really hate it when you walk in by yourself and people say, "Just one?" Because it makes you feel bad even if you have a whole troop of people coming in!" [17:45]

--April Wachtel on The Main Course