This week on Taste Matters, we celebrate the 100th episode with host Mitchell Davis, producer Ashley Kosiak, and past guests Karen Karp, and Izabela Wojcik, by talking about the history, perspective, presentation, ingredients, community, and thoughts on food. As food scholars, they begin to analyze how food is rapidly changing today, especially as culture is beginning to turn towards organic, sustainable, and locally produced foods. With gourmet chef's today buying foods at local greenmarkets, normal consumers are finding a trend to follow in their footsteps. Tune-in for a packed episode that is sure to make you spend a moment, and think about the quality and taste of your food today! This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market. Thanks to Cookies for today's music.

"The number one reason businesses are buying local foods today, is different from ten years ago. People want to others to thrive locally." [13:10] --Karen Karp on Taste Matters

"We're certainly imagery driven. I think that the power of suggestion is so much more powerful through social media. The Cronut, is a perfect example of how a food is suggested, that snowballed into a frenzy." [26:10] -- Izabela Wojcik