Carolyn Steel is an architect and an author that uses food as a medium to "read" cities and understand how they work. She is the author of Hungry City in which she traces, and puts into historical context, food's journey from land to urban table, and thence to sewer. She has also been featured on TED, in which she spoke on the history of food routes from the ancient times to modern cities. On today's episode of Taste Matters, find out what problems Carolyn believes are associated with our ecosystem, and how we can begin to think about food differently by understanding the flow of food from the beginning. Tune-in for the fastest and most interesting 30-minutes you will hear on food culture and values today! This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.


"You can't have a society full of kings. People will gladly go to a situation where they don't have to think about food." [16:40]

"We live in a world shaped by food, and therefore food is a very powerful lens that we see it through." [26:00]

-- Carolyn Steel on Taste Matters