How does Good Housekeeping keep its reputation as a trusted source for women and homemakers to depend on? This week on Taste Matters, Mitchell Davis joined by Miriam Arond, Directo of The Good Housekeeping Research Institute. How does Good Housekeeping test products and recipes? What is the history of Good Housekeeping and its role in food advocacy? How has the role of women and food changed of over the past century? Find out on this week’s episode of Taste Matters. Today’s show was sponsored by Fairway Market


“There’s been a real impact from the media on [home] chefs when they cook. People are much more savvy. Ingredients that were only available in specialty stores are now available in supermarkets.” [15:00]

“A lot of the celebrity chefs are men – and it’s quite ironic because predominately it’s the women that do the cooking.” [22:00]

–Miriam Arond on Taste Matters