What happens when one of the most celebrated restaurant critics and non-fiction food writers suddenly decides to take on fiction? Ruth Reichl is about to find out, as her first fiction work Delicious! is set to be released on May 6th. She's this week's guest on Taste Matters, and host Mitchell Davis chats with her about the inspiration to take on fiction, the writing process behind the novel and why this experience was like none other for Ruth. Get a preview of the story and the characters as Ruth candidly discusses the book, food culture at large and American cuisine. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"When you're faced with a problem - do the hardest thing. Do the thing you don't know that you can do." [03:00]

"We're now getting a place where any mature culture should be - where food is central." [20:00]

"The fact that we are a nation of immigrants that changes so quickly and easily is our strength. We borrow from all of the immigrant communities that come through and quickly make them American." [22:00]

--Ruth Reichl on Taste Matters