Mitchell Davis welcomes in the new year with friends Andrew Knowlton and Adam Rapoport of Bon Appetit to discuss restaurant trends in 2012. Find out why Andrew thinks good service will return to “casual” restaurants in the new year and why Brooklyn is no longer a novelty for restaurants. Hear them discuss everything from controlled oxidation to recipes for home cooks. This show was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.


“For too long, service has suffered [in casual restaurants]. In 2012, I think you’ll see a refocus on service.”

“The casualization of the American dining scene is the most significant thing to happen in the past ten years.”

–Andrew Knowlton on Taste Matters

“It doesn’t cost a restaurant one more cent to be polite and thoughtful.”

“As much as I enjoy the show Top Chef, I think it’s had a negative effect on how chefs cook. Food has become competition. Dishes have become full-on assaults.”

–Adam Rapoport on Taste Matters