This week on Taste Matters, Mitchell Davis is joined by James Oseland of the legendary Saveur Magazine. Find out how he went from working in the movie industry to becoming editor in chief of one of the most important food publications of our time. Hear his thoughts on what some are calling the "American Food Revolution" and why he thinks the most important thing we can do as "foodies" is just simply cook! This program was sponsored by our friends at Fairway Market.


"There's a quiet revolutionary quality to making a print magazine today."

"Our little secret at Saveur is that we're not really a food magazine, we're an anthropology magazine. We're about what people do around the world through this very specific lens of food."

"What is happening an unquiet, conscious reaction to the fact that America knows it needs to stop eating crap."

"I live to cook.. it's my favorite thing in the world to do."

--James Oseland, editor in chief of Saveur Magazine on Taste Matters