This episode of Taste Matters is not for the squeamish! This week the topic is blood, as guest host Izabela Wojcik gets bloody delicious with guest Brad Farmerie of Public, Saxon + Parole & AvroKO. Tune in as they discuss why game, organ meats, ofal and blood gets chefs so excited and why it will always be a secret handshake amongst the food elite. Why are these foods considered taboo? How does whole animal cooking promote sustainable eating? Is a pig blood popsicle really something you want to eat? Find out why the answer is YES on a bloody good edition of Taste Matters. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"Once you understand the chemical makeup of blood, cooking with it becomes much easier"

"Blood will never be trendy. It will always be the secret handshake amongst chefs and food people."

--chef Brad Farmerie on Taste Matters