What is American flavor? This week on Taste Matters, Mitchell Davis talks to chef Andrew Carmellini and cookbook author Gwen Hyman, who just released a book called "American Flavor". Hear what they think of some of the food trends that have come and gone in the restaurant scene. As the "naturalist" movement replaces molecular gastronomy, find out why Andrew is still most impressed by home cooking. Learn why sometimes getting a chef to translate his thoughts into measurable copy for a cookbook can be challenging and how Gwen and Andrew ultimately pulled it off. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.



"I've always been inspired by what grandmothers are cooking rather than great chefs. I'm always looking for the soul of cooking."
--chef Andrew Carmellini on Taste Matters

"The further away we get from work of the hand the more we long for work of the hand. The more time we spend online, the more we want a chicken in the backyard in Brooklyn."
--cookbook author Gwen Hyman on Taste Matters