On this week's episode of Taste Matters, Mitchell Davis is joined by Carey Polis, Associate Food Editor at The Huffington Post. Tune in to hear Mitchell and Carey discuss our nation's fascination with ever-changing fast food menus. Hear about online news media aggregation, and how The Huffington Post presents news items in a way that merge the look of older journalism with the expediency of new media. Finally, tune in to hear more about the recent zombie headlines, and why Chili's has the best buffalo wings of all the chain restaurants. This episode was brought to you by Whie Oak Pastures.

"In the online media world, aggregation is a bad word at this point, but anything we aggregate we're always adding something new and making sure we're adding to the story and not just recycling other people's content."

"If people don't click because of the headline, they will click because of the picture."

-- Carey Polis on Taste Matters