This week's episode of Taste Matters is all about the kids! Hear from guest Cricket Azima who runs The Creative Kitchen which teaches children and their care givers about food and how to cook in a fun, safe, and educational manner. Learn about some creative and fun ways to engage kids in the kitchen and get them eating more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Find out how different age groups react to different educational approaches, and why tricking kids into eating good food is not the answer. Cooking should be fun, and Cricket is here to remind you that! This show was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"I'm not a huge fan of the sneaky vegetable tricks. You hear about people hiding squash puree in mac n cheese. I think at the end of the day fruits and vegetables are colorful and delicious and should be exciting for kids!"

"You learn more when you're having fun. You use all your senses while you're cooking. The reward is built in, you get to eat what you've made."

"Most children's menus don't incorporate ANY vegetables. It's tragic."

--Cricket Azima of The Creative Kitchen on Taste Matters