This week's episode of Taste Matters focuses on Jewish cuisine in all it's different forms. Mitchell's guest is Devra Ferst, food editor at The Forward, the longest running Jewish daily newspaper in America. Devra breaks down the differences between Ashkenzai, Sephardic and Israeli food and discusses the relevance of culture, history and religion in Jewish cuisine. Learn how Kosher food evolved, discover delicious Shabbat meals and find out more about family traditions in Jewish cuisine. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"Jewish food is...linked to Jewish customs and ideas that go way back in history."

"I think pork is a huge challenge, because it has such a distinct flavor and bacon is so pervasive in the food movement right now. Recreating that flavor is very challenging."

"There are people in the Kosher world who are excited about change, and there are people who are still hesitant."

--Devra Ferst, food editor at The Forward on Taste Matters