On a special episode of Taste Matters, guest host Karen Karp is joined by President/CEO of The New York State Restaurant Association and George Weld, Chef/Owner of Egg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Together they discuss how chefs, restaurateurs and their trade associations can work together for clean, healthy and delicious menus on every table. Find out what makes the restaurant scene in New York so significant and unique, and how the demand for local foods has increased in recent years. This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"75% of restaurants today will either go out business or change hands."

"There is not an industry I know today that gives back to neighborhoods like restaurants do."

--Rick Sampson, President/CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association

"The idea of local food is really a way of wrapping up a trend towards good food in a recognizable package."

"When you come in to work as a dishwasher, prep cook or a server - you're doing work that's genuinely important."

--George Weld, Owner/Chef of Egg Restaurant