This week on Taste Matters, Mitchell Davis is joined by Christophe Hille of Northern Spy Food Co. Christophe tells the story of how the sustainably minded East Village outfit came to be. Christophe explains why staff loyalty means so much to him and why the Brooklyn inspired restaurant never ended up in Brooklyn. Hear the story behind the famous $18 carrot entree and learn more about quality of ingredients, food costs and overhead as it relates to serving great food. This program was sponsored by the International Culinary Center.

"The restaurant business is a rough business. there are a lot of places where you'll be taken advantage of and abused and spat out. I have trouble sleeping at night if that's the kind of place I'm working in."

"Nothing bothers me more than when media focuses on menu prices rather than other important issues that are being overlooked."

"The restaurant world is still in this feudal system where servers can make $30+/hour and chefs can make closer to $12/hour."

"It's hard to do anything in the city for under $3,000."

"I got more Google alerts and twitter attention from the carrot dish than anything else we've ever done."

--Christophe Hille of Northern Spy Food Co. on Taste Matters