Tamar Adler, author of “An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace”, joins Mitchell Davis on this week’s episode of Taste Matters for a conversation on obsession, distinctions and home cooking. Tamar discusses the vast differences between professional cooking and home cooking and talks about her idea of food as something personal and intimate. Hear how cooking enables you to make choices, and why changing your culinary life isn’t as insurmountable as it may seem. Imagine if you really could start eating well and enjoying cooking and eating with exactly what you already have now in your life! This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center.

“There is a big difference between knowing how to cook and being obsessive about cooking and food.”

“The relationship between a home cook and a chef is much more distant than we feel it is supposed to be.”

“I think that deliciousness is not considered seriously enough in cooking.”

–author Tamar Adler on Taste Matters