Acclaimed food writer and forward-thinking gastronome Peter Kaminsky joins Mitchell Davis this week on Taste Matters for a conversation on culinary intelligence. Hear Peter’s advice for healthier eating without compromising taste and learn why home cooking is not as complicated or impossible as some people like to think. Tune in as Peter challenges the way we think about diets and suggests people pay more attention to the quality of ingredients they are using above all else. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

“If you buy the best ingredients you can afford – you will need to eat less to feel satisfied.” [4:04]

“Between what’s on your palate and in your nose, I think you can discriminate, in an instant, tens of thousands of different tastes and aromas. You can’t make that up artificially. You can get fruit-like flavors [from industrial food] – but they aren’t the same as real fruit.” [10:11]

“To cook well, there are a few basic techniques that are very easy to master. Being able to put a crust on meat, which triggers the very mysterious but wonderful maillard reaction, is not hard to do. Infusing ingredients through braising is not terribly difficult. You don’t need that much of a repertoire to keep your food interesting and healthy.” [11:48]

“If you put a great roast chicken up against a chicken nugget – everybody will prefer the roast chicken.” [21:25]

“The further a vegetable has to travel, the more flavor it loses. Eating locally is a wonderful bumper sticker – but also makes for better stuff on the table.” [29:40]

–author Peter Kaminsky on Taste Matters